Popular religions practiced across the galaxies


Abyssal Devotees
Ancient Order of Egyptian Wisdom
Baha'i Faith
Baptist Denomination
Benevolent Path of Ericism
Brotherhood of Divine Ascendance
Brotherhood of Sacred Flames
Brotherhood of the Soaring Sky
Brothers of Decision
Celestial Harmony Path
Celestial Path
Celestial Scholars
Chaos Vanguard (A sect of Church of Sacred Disorder)
Church of Arun
Church of Divine Providence
Church of Eternal Devotion
Church of Harmonious Hearts
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of Luminous Grace
Church of Radiant Redemption
Church of Sacred Disorder
Church of Sacred Serenity
Church of Saint Lucy
Church of Serene Solace
Church of the Apocalypse
Church of the Evergreen Grove
Church of the Holy Light
Cosmic Harmony Seekers
Cosmic Shapers
Coven of Enchanting Moons
Coven of the Stars
Covenant of Eternal Balance
Crime Lords
Cult of Resplendent Shadows
Cult of the Blood Moon
Cult of the Shadow Star
Cult of the Silver Serpent
Disciples of Cosmic Harmony
Divine Covenant
Elder Council of Sacred Truth
Elysian Fellowship
Episcopalian Communion
Esoteric Circle
Fellowship of the Sacred Stones
Followers of the I Ching
Happy Buddha Philosophy
Hivelink Covenant
Holy Assassins
Hubbard Scientology
Illuminated Nexus
Lutheran Denomination
Magicians of the Moon
Masonic Order of Enlightenment
Monastic Order of the Sacred Groves
Order of Blood
Order of Eternal Harmony
Order of Justice and Divine Harmony
Order of Satan
Order of Shadows
Order of the Burgundy Robe
Order of the Crimson Rose
Order of the Emerald Lotus
Order of the Emerald Sun
Order of the Sacred Shield
Order of the Serpent
Order of the Silent Watch
Order of the Silver Dragon
Order of the Silver Veil
Order of the Starry Sky
Order of Transcendent Knowledge
Path of the Celestial Guardians
Path of the War God
Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints
Roman Catholic
Sect of Astral Whispers
Sect of Silent Wisdom
Shadows of Hatarassas
Shamans of Grace
Shamans of Soul Redemption
Shia Islam
Shrine of Sacred Mysteries
Sisterhood of Mercy
Sisters of Serenity
Soldiers of the Snake
Solstice Assembly
Sunni Islam
Temple of Celestial Blessings
Temple of Enchanted Wisdom
Temple of Ethereal Serenity
Temple of Sacred Harmony
Temple of Tranquil Serenity
Temple of Whispers
The Bloodletting
The Garden Monks
The Illuminated Mind
The Pastoral Temple
The Seraphic Order
The Sickle and the Cross
The Way of Ancient Skies
The Way of Divine Nobility
Their Satanic Majesties
Twelver Shia Islam
United Tides
Veiled Seekers
Way of Ancestral Reverence
Way of Ancestral Valor
Westboro Baptist Church

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